Stella’s Must-Read Guide to Car Insurance for Women

Stella’s Must-Read Guide to Car Insurance for Women.

Finding the right Car insurance can be overwhelming when it should feel like a safety net, the reassuring backup you can rely on if things go wrong.  The best way to handle the unknown is to arm yourself with the facts so read Stella’s guide to demystify the jargon and feel empowered with the knowledge you know exactly what you are paying for.

Before you start researching for the best car insurance quote for women, you’ll need some information to hand including your driving licence, how many years ‘No Claims Discount’ (NCD) you have accumulated as well as any claims or convictions dates.  If you want to add someone else to your policy, you’ll also need all those details.

What type of car insurance is for you?

Let’s start with the type of Insurance cover you need or ‘level of cover’:

Third-party – this is the least amount of cover you can legally have for your vehicle, the Insurance will only pay out if you have an accident that damages someone else’s car. You won’t get a penny if your car is damaged, caught fire or stolen. However, if the accident is not your fault, for example, someone drives into the back of you, their insurance company should cover the damages.  

Third Party, Fire and Theft – In addition to third party, this type of Insurance will cover the costs of replacing the vehicle should your insured vehicle be stolen or set alight.

Fully comprehensive – This type of Insurance policy will cover you for third-party fire and theft as well as damages to your own vehicle in the event of an accident.  

In the past, a fully comprehensive insurance policy enabled you to drive other people’s cars and still have cover on a third-party basis, but those days are long gone. Driving other cars (DOC) is no longer automatic and you should always check before getting behind the wheel. 


How far will you go?

Working out your annual mileage can seem daunting but breaking it down to a weekly average is more manageable. You can find the mileage on your most common trips; school runs, going to work, shopping and visiting family on your maps app, add it up and multiply by 52. This will give you an accurate figure to give your insurance company.


No Claims Discount or Proof of No Claims?

Every year you drive without claims or accidents, you get one year’s NCD, a reward for good driving. The more years of NCD you have, the better discount your insurance company will offer. If you do not provide the correct number of years NCD your Insurance company might not pay out in the event of a claim, this is why Stella will ask you to provide proof of your NCD if the number of years you state doesn’t match the National Database.  Your previous insurer will provide you with a No Claims Discount certificate at the end of the policy, but it is important not to get that confused with ‘Proof of no Claims’. Had you previously been driving a company car, a van or only been a named driver on someone else’s policy, you may well have built up many years without accident or claim, but this is not the same as a No Claims Discount certificate.

Who do you trust to drive your car?

Adding a named driver means that a family member or friend is insured to drive your car on your policy. This can increase or sometimes even decrease the cost of your policy (depending on their level of risk or age, if a young driver) but what you do have to consider is that if they have an accident, this will affect your NCD and, therefore the cost of your policy, for many years to come.


Your insurance company may offer additional products to run alongside your policy to give you extra cover and peace of mind.  As Stella is designed with women in mind women, we have several options for your consideration, including:

UK Breakdown Cover, Guaranteed Replacement Hire Vehicle, Key Protect in the event your keys are accidentally lost, stolen, or damaged. Motor Legal Protection, Motor Excess Protection, Pram and Pushchair Cover as well as Scratch, Dent and Alloy Protection. 

Keep up to date

Once you have secured the best car insurance quote for women and purchase the policy,  it is up to you to keep your insurer updated with any changes.  Moving house can affect your premium if you move to a postcode with a higher or lower risk rating, it can also change your annual mileage so remember to recalculate those figures and keep yourself and your car; cool, calm and comprehensively covered!

Lastly, remember to add those important contact details into your phone and laptop, you don’t want to miss any vital calls or emails to junk. It might be worth writing the phone numbers on a card to keep in your glovebox too.  

If you are unsure about anything, double-check, call customer service and get clarification. It is so much better to get things right at the outset, so you can relax and know you have the right car insurance policy for women and you!

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