Prioritising Self-care and Mindfulness: A Guide for Working Mums

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re striving to strike a delicate balance between your work life and the beautiful chaos that comes with motherhood. From managing nurseries and nannies to school runs and holiday clubs, simply organising everything can feel like a full-time job. It’s important to remember to give yourself a break along the way. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so find moments of calm, take care of yourself, and avoid running solely on adrenaline until you burn out.

First and foremost, stop comparing yourself to others and trying to keep up with unrealistic expectations. You have no idea what goes on behind closed doors or the image others project. It’s impossible to be perfect, and trying to do so is exhausting. Instead, focus on being consistent and reliable. Give yourself more time than you think you need, always leaving room for unexpected challenges. This way, there’s no need for drama if one of the kids forgets their PE kit or needs to be picked up from school. Find a to-do list or task manager that works for you. Set aside 30 minutes each day to review upcoming tasks, assess your progress, and identify any potential issues on the horizon that you can address proactively.

Make sure you prioritise eating and drinking well. It’s easy to forget about taking care of yourself when your main focus is feeding and watering everyone else. Set reminders to drink enough water throughout the day, as dehydration can lead to afternoon sleepiness and headaches, affecting productivity Read more.. Instead of relying on caffeine to keep you going, try switching to green tea for a more mellow energy boost Green Tea. Skipping lunch might seem like a time-saving move, but a properly fueled body and mind can accomplish so much more, leaving you with energy to spare for your family in the evening. Consider preparing a packed lunch the night before while making dinner, even if it’s just some raw vegetables and hummus. Your body will thank you for the added vitamins.

Finding time for exercise may seem impossible with your packed schedule, but prioritising your health is essential. Discover activities that both you and the kids enjoy, like playing frisbee, swimming, or having a tag game in the park. The endorphins released during exercise help reduce stress levels and promote a sense of calm. Not only will you be taking care of yourself physically, but you’ll also create fun memories and strengthen the bond with your children Games to play with kids in the woods

You can even do exercises and stretches in bed in the morning instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media or checking emails. Start the day with some feel-good music and work those muscles.

Don’t go it alone. You don’t have to handle everything by yourself. Many other mums are in similar situations, and joining forces can make the challenges more manageable. Taking turns with pickups, having someone to chat with during the school run, or sharing holiday coverage can be a massive help. Sometimes, showing a bit of vulnerability can open doors for others to empathise and admit that they don’t have it all together, either. While it may be difficult to ask for help from family and friends when you’ve been keeping it together, the rewards outweigh the initial awkwardness. Think about your ideal routine and take steps to make it happen.

If you find yourself rushing from one task to another or attempting to do too many things at once, it’s time to stop. Take a few minutes between activities, come back to the present moment, check in with how you feel, and slow down. This practice will help reduce stress, improve efficiency, and even enhance memory. You’re more likely to forget things, make mistakes, or become overwhelmed if you don’t take a moment to calm down. Engage in a mindful activity, such as watching a teabag infuse in the water, observing passing clouds outside the window, or taking off your shoes and feeling the ground beneath your feet. These activities will bring you back to the present moment, allowing you to reset and refocus.

Working mothers are some of the most hardworking individuals in our society, and yet they often seem to be the hardest on themselves. If this rings even slightly true for you, it’s time to give yourself the biggest pat on the back for doing such an amazing job. Take the next five minutes to think about how you can reward yourself for everything you do for everyone else. Buy yourself some flowers, indulge in a candle-lit bath, or meet up with friends for cake. Remember, life is full of ups and downs, and even during difficult times, there will surely be happier moments on the horizon. You’ve got this!

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