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At Stella, our commitment to empowering women and fostering inclusivity drives us to join forces with the prestigious Northern Power Women Awards (NPWA). This esteemed platform champions gender equality celebrates remarkable achievements and showcases inspiring women in the North. We are thrilled to collaborate with NPWA to recognise those challenging the status quo and making a significant impact.

Northern Power Women has been a force for gender equality and transformative cultural change for the past seven years. By working alongside change-makers, business leaders, and community influencers, NPWA has become a driving force in championing gender balance across communities and organisations.

Our decision to sponsor the “Person with Purpose” award stems from our belief in celebrating individuals who exemplify dedication and commitment to empowering others. We are incredibly pleased that this year’s recipient, Shabana Khushi, embodied the true spirit of purpose and empowerment.

Shabana’s inspiring journey began when The Halo Project sought to create a refuge for women and children escaping domestic abuse from disused flats and bungalows. As a full-time volunteer, she stepped in as a beacon of hope, leading the transformation with unwavering dedication and relentless efforts.

Under Shabana’s guidance, the once-abandoned spaces were transformed into a safe haven for women and children from the global majority community seeking refuge. Her passion for helping others paved the way for a nurturing environment, offering comfort, security, and solace during challenging times.

Even beyond the refuge’s completion, Shabana’s journey of empowerment continued as a Housing Officer at The Halo Charity. Providing 24/7 support, she ensured that residents’ cultural, religious, emotional, educational, and medical needs were met, becoming a source of strength and inspiration for every individual she served.

This year, the Northern Power Women Awards embraced innovation by introducing audio nominations, enhancing accessibility for all. The updated award categories reflect the evolving landscape of leadership, recognising those driving the levelling up agenda and pursuing game-changing inclusive innovation. From Agents of Change to Outstanding Entrepreneurs, the NPWA celebrates individuals and organisations making a profound impact.

As a company passionate about creating positive change, Stella is honoured to support NPWA’s vision and contribute to the prosperity of the UK. Join us in applauding the extraordinary achievements of women who are reshaping industries, breaking barriers, and propelling the North forward.

Let’s celebrate these inspiring women and continue building a future where gender equality thrives. Together with Northern Power Women, Stella is determined to empower women from all walks of life, propelling them towards success and a brighter future.

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