Ten Top Tips to Pack Like A Pro

You’ve booked your trip and are dreaming of that much-needed (and deserved) relaxing break, the only thing left to do is pack your suitcase. We’ve taken away the hard work so, follow our top tips and take pride in packing the most beautifully organised suitcase; you’ll want to be showing it off at airport security! 

 Pack in advance and take your time, it will be far less stressful, and you can enjoy putting outfits together. In the run-up to the holiday, try to get to the bottom of the laundry basket and put everything away. Finding all your favourite bits will be far more manageable, and you’ll come home to a clean slate. 

Check your luggage allowance in advance; some airlines have recently changed what you can take on board, so make sure to avoid last-minute fees. 


  1. Check the weather of your destination. Don’t rely on it entirely; it’s always better to have something warm and waterproof! A rough guide is under 12°C; you need a coat, hat, scarf, gloves and boots. 13-18°C is tricky as it depends on your internal thermometer, whether the sun is shining or the wind level; usually, a trench coat or biker jacket should be fine. Over 18°C, you can move into summer wear with layers if the sun disappears or the wind picks up. Us Brits are usually ready to show more skin than the locals do when we are abroad, but we need our vitamin D!   
  2. Make yourself a checklist. Tick off as you pack and take it with you so you don’t leave anything behind. We’ve put together a starting point for you below.  
  3. Wear your bulky items to the airport. Any big boots, jumpers or coats are far better being worn than taking up all your suitcase space.  
  4. Capsule wardrobe: When selecting your holiday wardrobe, consider items that can be worn in multiple ways. Stick to a simple colour scheme and pick some statement jewellery or accessories that distinguish an outfit without taking up much space. Plan your outfits to ensure you have everything you need daily and are not over-packing. You want to save some suitcase space in case you have time for retail therapy while away. 
  5. Roll your clothes. Rolling your clothes pushes out the air and takes up less space than folding. If you get the knack, it should mean fewer wrinkles too.  
  6. Use cotton pouches or packing Cubes. Packing cubes are a great way to keep organised and save space in your suitcase. If you want a more environmentally friendly solution, buy or make zipped cotton pouches. Keep outfits, beachwear, makeup or wires separate yet easy to find. https://www.madebyshannon.co.uk/zip-pouches 
  7. Bag your dirty clothes: Keep a cotton tote or similar to bring your worn clothes home in, then when you return, you can put the lot – bag included in the washing machine.   
  8. Use your shoes! Put any fragile items like sunglasses, perfume and jewellery in the space in your shoes. Keeps your goodies safe and makes use of otherwise dead space.  
  9. Take earplugs and an eye mask. If you are a light sleeper or need a dark, quiet environment to drop off, these can save your holiday. Opt for the wider bamboo and Velcro style over the satin elastic version for a more comfortable night’s slumber. Also great for getting a snooze while you travel. https://www.ilkeusluca.co.uk/product-category/sleep-and-relax/ 
  10. Bring a multi-port power bank. If you have multiple devices to charge and you are travelling abroad, you can use a single adapter to charge the power bank and then charge all your devices from the bank. Having a charged power bank for days out is always helpful.   


 To ensure you remember the essentials, we’ve put together this handy checklist to get you going: 


  • Passports and travel documents. Some airports only accept paper versions, and you don’t want to miss your return flight or have to pay for printing at the airport, something you can easily do before you leave. Even if you have documents online or in apps, it’s always worth printing out. 
  • Insurance documents. 
  • Contact details: write down all the numbers and addresses you will need on your holiday, including family. 
  • Headphones for all, wired as back up incase batteries run out. 
  • Tampons and condoms – best to be prepared for all eventualities! 
  • Sunglasses, hat and suncream 
  • Makeup, remover, cotton wool, or makeup remover wipes – plus any other lotions and potions you use.  
  • Shower gel, razors, shampoo, conditioner any other toiletries you can’t do without. Decanted into smaller bottles to save space and weight. You can get these in your local chemist or keep those samples and hotel offerings.  
  • Hairbrush, bands and anything you style your hair with.   
  • Charging cables for all devices and a power bank. 
  • For summer trips: swimsuit, quick-dry towel, flip-flops and tote bag – a Ziplock waterproof bag for the beach might come in handy.  
  • Medication and vitamins  

While having your favourite things with you is nice, as long as you have your passport, phone and credit cards, the rest you can probably buy when you are there. So, relax, enjoy the ride and think about making some beautiful memories! 

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